Best 15 List of Business Ideas to Make Money

Best List of Business Ideas to Make Money - What's it? The following list of ideas and work that you can try it right now!

1. Become a teacher private lessons.
Do you have the talent to become a teacher? You can take the time to become a teacher private lessons. Instead of just being a teacher for formal subjects in school. You can also become a music teacher, sports or even open IT in courses such as web development or graphic design.

2. Translator or translators.
Do you speak foreign? If Yes, very open opportunity to be an interpreter or translator. You can start by becoming a translator of articles such as term papers, thesis or other documents. If a page you are grateful for $5, then with 10 pages you can get $50 right? With flexible work location, i.e. can at home, cafes or even meet directly with clients is not a problem. The market that you can get is through freelancer.co.id.

3. Graphic designer.
A professional graphic designer can earn more than 100,000 dollars per year. But they are a professional would have had a lot of experience and qualified portfolio. For those of you who are still novices, can sell the services of graphic design in some of the marketplace as in sribu.com or fiverr.com.

4. Selling pulse.
Selling is precisely the most appropriate electrical pulses is performed by an employee or student as a side business. Because, friends, friends of the like is the right market and seductive.

5. Open the online shop.
In the internet era, people have started commonplace with online transactions. Opportunities open up the online store more attractive to try. Some of the most products in the online store are clothing, herbal remedies, typical regional crafts, bags, t-shirts or other digital products such as eBooks, software, music and more.

6. Create and write an interesting blog.

best business ideas to make money

Being a blogger is a pleasant combination between hobby and job. The key to success of a website is the number of visitors or traffic that much. To start a business blog, choose a theme that suits your passion or the very things you like such as eletronik goods, food, music or travel for you who like the streets.

7. fishing Effort.
If you have land that is quite extensive and is not maintained, it would be nice you exploit it to serve as a fishing pond fish. This effort can be started with an initial capital of about 4 million dollars. With a comfortable and adequate facilities could be ascertained the place of fishing youll always crowded especially during weekend or long holiday because not a few people who have a penchant for trout fishing.

8. ice cream Business.
Who does not like ice cream? Children, teenagers or even parents are certainly still many like it. Moreover, when the dry season. Not surprised if in some luxurious malls in Jakarta there is a bold ice-cream stalls offer high rates.

9. Venture catering.
There is no event without food. And there is no month without event. What does it mean? This is a timeless business because the caterer will always be needed. Lived had lived, it is the market share of the business is reportedly also very spacious. In one month, if the venture catering is already fairly well known, they could have gotten an average of three large event.

10. Have an empty room? Leased aja!
You have a house or a room unused? The location of the place you live is also convenient? Just rented out the place! Sites like airbnb.com into heaven the traveler who wants to holiday abroad but with a minimal budget. The difference with the efforts of kos or rented, room for rent, this is not necessarily a month or even a year, depending on the length of the traveler who wants to stay. So if at any time you want to wear it, you do not need to be confused.

11. A provider of website development.
By becoming a professional developer website you can earn an income above average. But we do not always have to start from the project which is great. If you want to make website development as a side business, start from a few websites for freelancers such as upwork.com or projects.co.id. Of the website there are many job website creation from the small size with funds under one million to large with a budget of over 100 million dollars.

12. Become a provider of software development is also not a problem.
You who have skills programming could make its own software and then selling it as a product or service. The business model of SaaS (Software as a Service) is one of the most developed at this time. The software is a SaaS-based website where users generally pay a subscription model. For example the Slack that is chat or communication with the team work. Slack is the fastest development startup current, in the year 2015 reach 2.8 trillion u.s. dollars whereas newly launched officially in year 2014.

13. SEO Expert
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is often called is a technique used in order that the website you are in a higher position in the search engines. SEO experts are increasingly sought-after increasing rampant online business but also business travelers haven't had time to learn SEO.

14. Being a copy writer.
The job of a copywriter is in charge of writing the text in the ad, write text on the landing page or the sales page to write all the text that aims to woo others. In other words, they are salesmen in the form of words. Revenues were also fair, i.e. achieve five to six million dollars per month.

15. Be a YouTuber.
Who is not familiar with the richest, YouTuber PewDiePie who also crowned as the channel with the most customers. The original named Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, Sweden origin man this video while she was playing the game complete with the reaction and comments are funny and entertaining.

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