Definition of Gender [Understanding Gender According to Experts]

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Heddy Shri Ahimsha son (2000) asserts that the term Gender can be distinguished into some sense: Gender as a term with specific meaning foreign, Gender as a socio-cultural phenomenon, a Gender awareness social, Gender as a social issues culture, Gender as a concept for analysis, Gender as a perspective to look at reality.

Baron (2000) means that gender is part of the self concept that involves the identification of the individual as a male or female.

Santrock (2003) suggests that the term gender and sex differences in terms of dimensions. Fill out the sex (gender) refers to the biological dimension of a man and a woman, while gender refers to the socio-cultural dimension of a man and a woman.

Definition of Gender [Understanding Gender According to Experts]

In his book Sex and Gender that are written by Hilary m. Lips defines Gender as cultural expectations against men and women. For example; women are known for their gentle, beautiful, emotional and motherly. While the man is considered strong, rational, and the mighty. Traits of nature it is a trait that can be exchanged, for example there is a man who is gentle, there are women who are strong, rational and mighty. The change characteristics of the properties may occur from time to time and from place to place the other (Mansour Fakih 1999:8-9).

In General, the notion of Gender is the difference that appears between men and women when viewed from the value and behavior. In the Women's Studies Encyclopedia explained that Gender is a cultural concept, working to make a difference (distinction) in terms of roles, behavior, mentality, and emotional characteristics between men and women who thrive in the community.

The gender difference is that looked at men and women when viewed from the value and behavior. Gender is a term used to describe the difference between men and women in society. Gender is the group attributes and behavior culturally in both men and women.

Gender is the concept of social relationships which differentiate (separate) functions and roles between women and men. The difference in the functions and roles between men and women was not specified because both contained biological differences or natures, but differentiated according to the position, function and role of each in a variety of life and development. 

Thus gender as a concept is the result of human thought or human engineering, formed by the community so it is dynamic can be different because of different customs, cultures, religions, and a system of values of the nation, communities, and tribes certain Nations. In addition to gender can be changed because of the history, a change in the political, economic, social cultural, dam or because the progress of development. Thus no gender is universal and does not apply generally, but the circumstantial nature of the people.

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