Definition of Essay [Understanding, Types and Sample]

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The essay is a writing that describes the author's opinions about certain subjects try rated him. A literary essay is a form of paper that was created by a variety of lively literary circles.

Definition of Essay [Understanding, Types and Sample]

Understanding the essay according to some experts:
  • According to h. b. Jassin (the Pope of literature) is a description Essay discussing various variety, are not arranged regularly but like plucked from various avenues of the mind. In the essay looks of desire, attitude towards the matter of spoken, sometimes against the questions discussed.
  • According to Sutomo essay is as a short essay about a problem which happens to attract attention for the investigated and discussed. The author puts forward his guns, his mind, his mind and his cta-against an issue are presented.
  • According to f. X Surana, essays are as possibly a creation, about a solved problem, opinion, ideology, at length. This view is based on the authors of peelings and articulated are irregular.
  • According to the Aan idikan Sugianto Mas in modules for material and associated Education Indonesia language and literature faculty of teacher training and Educational Sciences University Brass 1998 that essay is a prose essay discussing a problem in passing and then with establishment, thoughts, ideals, the authors prepared in point out are irregular.

Types of Essays
  1. Descriptive Essay, describe people, places or things as clearly and as much detail as possible so that the reader easily to form a mental picture of what is written. This essay aims to create an impression of someone. This essay form includes real details to bring readers on the visualization of a subject.
  2. Ekspositori Essay, this essay describes the subject to the reader. usually come with explanations about the process, comparing two things, the identification of causal relationship, explaining with examples of divide and classify or define
  3. Narrative Essay, describing an idea with how to speak. These essays can express an emotion or an emotional look. details of supporters is usually served in order of priority
  4. Essay Domentatif, provide information based on a study under a specific authority or institution.

Sample essay (about yourself)

My name is oktarina Alfani commonly called "fani". I was born on October 20, 1993 I had borne in on a Malay Kampong midwives located in South Jakarta. I was born to a family of happy enough because I had parents who were still intact and 3 older brothers. two older brothers and one older sister, our family quite compact and get along.

When I was born, my family any immediate move to Jakarta kemang Housing in ifi graha Jatiasih-Bekasi, I big in Bekasi. starting from my education from the first landfill, kindergarten, elementary, JUNIOR HIGH and high school housed all on Bekasi.

I also include people who nag. I love to enliven the atmosphere. .. I love to entertain friends, doing silly stuff has its own imagination thus I often sort of a strange woman by my friends. but that's what makes them remember me. my family often feel lonely and Miss when she finds me again to stay outside and not at home, they miss my voice which sometimes makes them dizzy, too. it's nearly 20 years of age but attitude There is no adult in my self.

One thing that makes me feel happy and often forgotten my shortcomings. one thing that is "family" I think my life is perfect already have families that I have now, including the togetherness in the family unit is a happy me.

Now I've been in College, I am now level 3 Gunadarma University 5 semster, Faculty of computer science, Department of information systems majors I select myself with my mother and father's support, although my sister that women do not support I entered the majors, he did not support because he wants me majors accounting, because she knows how much it weighs dijurusan information systems, but because I have in basic computer and loved it from the junior high school I keep on my choice to enter Department of information systems. and alhamdullilah I could live for the duration of 2 years.

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