Definition of Bullying [Causes, Forms, Kinds, Types, and Impact]

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Bullying is the use of violence, threats or coercion for abusing or intimidating others. Such matters include abuse verbally or threats, physical violence or coercion, and can be directed towards specific repeated on the victim on the basis of religion, ability, gender, race and so on.

Definition of Bullying [Causes, Forms, Kinds, Types, and Impact]

The Causes Of Bullying
As for some of the causes of bullying behavior, such as:
  • The presence of Powerful curiosity
  • Due to the lack of attention from people around
  • The perpetrators ever menjasi victims of violence
  • Due to often fight
  • Due to mimic the violent act of a movie or game
  • And so on

Forms Of Bullying
There are two forms of oppression, i.e. the Suppression of physical and psychological oppression.

Physical Suppression
This form of repression carried out by the physical contact that causes physical pain, injuries, injury, or other physical suffering. Examples of physical bullying action form i.e. hitting, kicking, san etc.

Psychological Repression
This form of psychological trauma this causes oppression, fear, depression, anxiety, stress and also turmoil/Huff for the recipient of bullying.

Kinds Of Kinds Of Bullying
There are several types of bullying. This form of bullying can be physical or verbal actions can either be made directly or indirectly.

According to Barbara Coloroso (2006:47-50), there are 4 types of Bullying:

Verbal Bullying
Type of action performed on the bullying is to be the nickname names, censure, defamation, ruthless criticism, contempt, nuanced statements that sexual solicitation or sexual harassment, terror, intimidating letters, gossip and so on. In the form of verbal bullying is one of the easiest types of bullying and bullying this would be the beginning of another bullying behavior.

Physical Bullying
This type of bullying is in the form of beating, kicking, slapping, strangling, biting, clawing, spitting, and ruin and destroy the goods belonging to the child who is being bullied. This type of bullying is a type of bullying that is the most visible and easily identifiable, but incidents of bullying are physically not as much as other forms of bullying. Teens often do the bullying in a physical form that is often the most troubled adolescence and tends to be switched on for further criminal acts.

In Relational Bullying
This type of bullying is a type of bullying in the form of a weakening of the victim's self-esteem systematically through neglect, exclusion or evasion. This behavior can include the hidden attitude as aggressive view, a glance of the eye, mocking laughter, scorn and ridicule the body language.

This type of bullying behavior tend to be the most difficult to detect from the outside. Bullying in relational strength reached a peak in early adolescence, the time change occurred due to physical, mental and emotional sexual teens as well as trying to figure out myself and fit in with peers.

Electronic Bullying
This type of bullying is a form of bullying behaviour conducted through electronic means such as the perpetrators of computer, mobile phone, internet, website, chat room, e-mail, SMS and others. Bullying is usually intended to terrorize the victim with the writings, animations, images and video recording or film incidental intimidate, harm or cornering. This type of bullying is usually done by a group of teenagers who have had a pretty good understanding on the means of information technology and other electronic media.

The Impact Of Bullying
Bullying can impact positive or negative for the perpetrator, the recipient or any other party. Here is the impact of the actions of bullying.

The Negative Impact
Victims of bullying are more at risk of experiencing a variety of problems, both physically and mentally. As for the problems that may occur on the victims of bullying include:
  • The emergence of various mental problems such as depression, anxiety and sleep problems. Those problems
  • It will likely carry over to adult victims.
  • Physical health complaints, such as headaches, abdominal pain and muscle tension.
  • Insecurity in the school environment.
  • The decline in the spirit of learning and academic achievement.
  • In the case of a fairly rare, victims of bullying may be indicating the nature of the violence.

Positive Impact
Bullying can encourage the emergence of various positive developments for victims of bullying. Victims of bullying tends to be:
  • More powerful and unruly face problems.
  • Motivated to show its potential in order not to put down again.
  • Motivated to improve yourself.

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