Define Diction [Understanding, Function, and Sort]

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Diction is one of the terms used in the literary world. The term diction refers to the range of meanings of a word or phrase that is in the literary work. The use of diction is usually done to make literary works became more interesting, more easily understood, and it is also more in line with what was described by the author of literary works.

Define Diction [Understanding, Function, and Sort]

The definition and understanding of Diction

In brief, diction can be defined as a choice of words. According to the great dictionary of Indonesian Language itself, the sense of diction is the choice of the right words and aligned (in its use) to express the idea so that the retrieved specific effects (such as what to expect).

The Function Of Diction

Diction in the creation of literary works has several functions as follows:

Make people reading or hearing a literary work become more understand about what is delivered by the author.
Make communication becomes more effective.
Symbolic expressions that exist in the idea verbally (written or spoken).
Form of expression or the right idea so that it can be fun listeners or readers.

Sort – sorts of Diction

A synonym is a word that has meaning to the equation. The use of the word synonym is usually meant to make what is said/written to be more in accordance with the expression of a wish is expressed. For example: die (expression of bad disclosure) and death (a more subtle expression of disclosure)

Antonym is a word choice that has the opposite meaning or different. Examples of antonym words are big and small.

Poisemi is the phrase the word that has many meanings. For example a head word meaning body part located at the top of the neck, or it can also means a section that is located at the top or the front.

Homograf is the word – the word that has the same writing but have a different meaning and sound.

Homophones are words that have the – the same sounds but different spelling and meaning.

A homonym is a word – the word that has the same spelling but different meaning and bnyinya. Examples of Asep (name of person) and asep (smoke).

A generic
A generic term is a word that its meaning has been covered in other words. For example the word Salmon that have been included in the meaning of the word fish.

Hipernim is a word that has been covering the meaning of other words. For example there are perfect words that have been on the covers of good, good words, and some other Word.

So little information about the sense of diction, diction, and the range of functions – the kind of diction that we can share for you.

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