What is Carbon Credit and How its Application?

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Whether the carbon credits it?

I got a question from my senior friends. He asks about the information overnight in the glass screen of private tv broadcasts are popular. He told me roughly thus:  " managed to export carbon credits worth many billion us dollars. What to mean that carbon credits? 

What is Carbon Credit and How its Application?

She asked me because he thinks it has something to do with the exact sciences (there are words of carbon), which is my field. For a moment I thought, what a carbon credit is it? Because it is not yet know and just heard that, I asked my friend who was browsing for ask the Google machine. Does the fact that carbon credits?

In a simple to understand carbon credits using the following illustration.
To obtain a title as the cleanest sub-district, Sub-District Government with organize and supervise garbage disposal in each village. As a first step, the Government sub evaluate the amount of garbage generated by each village. 

From the results of the evaluation, a village of A subdistrict Government stated that the village A number of garbage exceeded number of bins. By the Government that A village chief must be capable of pressing waste to its citizens. If unable to suppress or reduce trash, the village will be fined. Late fee in the form of a sum of money corresponding to the excess amount of garbage generated. 

Because of the need to make the program of cleanliness and beauty of the city, A village government immediately made the program handling garbage. The Government of the village A make rule is this: each family only allowed to dump as much as X kilograms per day.  

If exceeding the provisions that will be subject to sanctions, fines in money. The fine money will be given to households can reduce the garbage every day. For example the family S could not suppress the garbage so that every day was forced to an excess of + 5 of provisions or generates garbage as much as X + 5. The P family hit by fines. Who's P suppressed garbage-5 of the provisions, or dump a number of X – 5. Well, this condition of families obtain compensation from his pressing garbage disposal (-5). 

From here it can be said that the family P export waste to families s. roughly so that carbon credit picture.

Why did Appear the term carbon credits and how its application?

It has been believed that global warming (Global Warming) is happening at this time due to carbon gas emissions. Through the mechanism of the holes the ozone layer, the carbon gases cause an increase in temperature of the Earth. As is known the carbon gases produced by burning Woods and fossil fuel combustion (kerosene, diesel, gasoline and coal).

In an effort to dampen the level of disposal of such gases, approved the Kyoto Protocol. Countries that ratify the (u.s. and Australia did not enter) is committed to reducing carbon gas emissions according to the year 2012. They allocate how much greenhouse-gas emissions that can be disposed of each year.

The countries of the European Union (EU), creating a system where the allocation of companies within the EU allocated how much carbon emissions emitted by the company. When exceeding the allocation, then they will be punished by paying money. If it does not want to be punished, the company could buy other companies from the allocation of unused. Then the allocation of carbon trading system with the help of the European Union (Or European Union).

An eco-friendly project must go through a long certification process in order to be declared a worthy follow CDM. Simply put, the description of the process of obtaining a certificate begins with the making of the proposal (assisted by consultants) and the assessment by the National Commission in the country of location of the project. When the next evaluation, conducted the United Nation Framework Covention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which is based in Germany. 

If all requirements are met, the UNFCCC Executive Board will issue certified emission reductions or certified emission reductions (CER). CER which can then be sold to companies in developed countries. One carbon credit or CER is equivalent to one ton of emissions reduction potential of carbon.

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