Antonym Definition [Understanding, Sentence and Examples]

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Definition of Antonym
Antonyms are words – a word that means the opposite each other each other. Antonyms are often referred to by the opponent once said.

Antonym Definition [Understanding, Sentence and Examples]

The following examples of antonym sentence along with Antonin 

High >< short 
new buildings erected were so high. the newly established Buildings it was pretty short. 

Dark > < Light 
this room very dark. This room very bright. 

Hungry > < satiety
I'm very hungry to being able to spend as much as three rice dishes.
I was so full after spending as much as three rice dishes.

restore > < Borrow
I return an item that I have borrowed from Bob.
I borrow stuff owned by Budi.

Sell > < Buy 
Dad sold his motorcycle which he had long been shared. Dad bought motorcycles recently after getting a windfall. 

Length > < Short
Length: as long as this many people who are troubled with long hours of work
Short: Although he had a short, but does not allow it in a community

High > < Low High: 
Not me place the Height can exceed the current weak Low height: the plane was flying very low at the moment want to land

Pro > < Cons
Pros: so far they just against one the pros
Cons: many community leaders who cons with government programs

Many > < a Bit Much: 
a lot of people choose to use private vehicles compared with Little public transport: public transport currently Being One of the very few 

Dead > < Live
Die: Residents protest because their electronic goods damaged by frequent dead lights
Life: living in the world is just temporary, for it to be useful people for others

Male > < Women men: 

this hostel exclusively for male students of Women: woman is the world jewelry 

Cleaner > < Dirty
Clean: dispose of trash in its place so that the environment be clean
Dirty: the river water became filthy because middens on the river

Bright > < Dark 
Light: this evening it seems to be the light of the dark moon: Her House is so pitch black without the slightest light 

Strong > < Weak
Powerful: the House stands firmly because it is made of strong wood material
Weak: his body so weak because of the lack of intake of nutrients

Diligent > < Lazy: he's smart because Diligent diligently learn the Lazy: he is very lazy learning so its worth all the 

Hard ugly > < Soft hard: Character very hard, making it difficult in His Attitude: Gentle exhort so soft to anyone it's 

healthy > < Sick Healthy elderly: although he still look healthy both physically and spiritually Sick: the boy's fear was injected because it hurts 

Dare > < Fear
Courageous: his attitude is too bold to parents
Fear: the human being generally feared dead

Traditional > < Traditional to Modern: to commemorate the day of national revival, students use Modern traditional clothing: the manufacturing process is very fast because it uses modern technology 

Expensive > < Cheap 
Expensive: the price of the car was very expensive in the market
Cheap: former Motor that sell very cheap

Stable > < Labile Unstable: the price of onions on the market is still very Unstable: stable Behavior of teenagers is still very unstable, and therefore need special supervision by parents Real > < Maya

Real: his role so real in the surrounding communities
Maya: lots of negative things that exist in the virtual world

The following is a list of words – common terms along with an opponent he said:
  • Ran = Path
  • Blank = Full
  • Beautifully Ugly
  • Stupid = clever
  • Skinny = fat
  • Mateng = Raw
  • Hot = cold
  • flood = drought
  • Good = evil
  • Generous = fisted
  • Thrust = drag
  • Lift = drop
  • Dirty = clean
  • Quiet = crowded
  • Ask = gives
  • Avoid = approach
  • Add = decrease
  • Dig = bury
  • Won = lost
  • Forward = rewind
  • Come = to go
  • Sad = happy
  • Many = a little
  • Pull = output
  • Title = Scroll
  • Cry = laugh
  • Silence = Noisy
  • New = long
  • Old young =
  • Women = man
  • Clean = messy

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