All About Climate Change [Causes, Impacts and Solution]

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Climate Change
Climate change is the occurrence of changes in atmospheric conditions, such as temperature, weather that causes san an erratic conditions. These changes are very broad impact to human life in the various sectors.

Climate change can also be said to be, the State where the temperature of the Earth rising and shifting of the seasons. The increase in temperature will cause the occurrence of mass expansion of the water and the water level of the sea.

All About Climate Change [Causes, Impacts and Solution]

According to IPCC (2001) States that climate change refers to the variation in average climatic conditions somewhere or on the real variability in statistics for a long period (typically decades or longer). It also made clear that climate change may have occurred due to natural processes there are internal and external forces, or human behavior constantly changing atmospheric composition or land use.

Causes Of Climate Change
As has been mentioned before that human activity is the main cause of occurrence of climate change. In addition the increase of population and the rapid growth of technology and the industry apparently also contributed to the expansion of the GRK (greenhouse gases). Due to the type of activities that vary, then the GRK contributed by each country to any portions of the atmosphere vary.

There are many events that can cause climate change. Cause-the cause is:
A. Forestry
Forests from year to year on the wane. This is caused by illegal logging or forest fires (intentional or unintentional). When the forest is very instrumental as sink of CO2 and O2 generator. With the ability of these forests can reduce levels of GRK in air.

B. Utilization Of Fossil Fuel Energy
Current human life depends very much on electrical energy and fossil fuels. The dependence is very bad for the life of the human race. The use of fossil energy such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas in various activities will trigger the increase of emissions in the atmosphere of GRK.

C. Agriculture and animal husbandry
The agricultural sector contributed much towards increasing the emission of gases, specifically the GRK methane (CH4) are produced from rice fields inundated. Based on studies of the agricultural sector produces methane gas emissions are highest in the appeal of other sectors.

The farm sector is also not less in emit GRK, that is because the cattle dung rot will release methane gas into the atmosphere.

D. The Garbage
Waste emissions produce plundering GRK form methane gas despite a fairly small amounts. 1 tonnes of solid waste is estimated to generate about 50 kg of methane gas. 

Human activities always generate garbage. Waste is a major problem faced by large cities in Indonesia. Data from the Ministry of environment said that in 1995 the average person in urban areas generate 0.8 kg of garbage per day and increasing to 1 kg per person per day in the year 2000.

Impacts Of Climate Change
Climate change will give a very large impact on various sectors, including:

a. the impact of climate change on Agriculture
Climate change will cause a shift in seasons, so the dry season being longer. This will cause the failed harvest, clean water crisis and forest fires.

b. the impact of climate change on the increase in the face of sea water
Rising temperatures cause the ice and glaciers in the North and South poles is melting. These events led to the occurrence of mass expansion of sea water and sea-level rise.

The increase in the face of sea water will cause the destruction of farmed fish farmed-in some areas, it can also damage the reefs.

c. the impact of climate change on Ecosystems
The increasing acidity of the sea because of the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will bring a negative impact on marine organisms. For example, the loss of this type of flora and fauna.

d. the impact of climate change on water resources
By the middle of this century, the average water flow of the river and water sustainability in the area of the sub polar and tropical wet areas is expected to rise as much as 10-40%. While subtropical and tropical areas are dry, the water will be reduced by as much as 10-30% so that the areas which now suffer drought will be more severe conditions.

e. the impact of climate change on Health
The frequency of the incidence of diseases such as malaria and dengue fever will increase. Population with low capacity to adapt will be increasingly vulnerable to diarrhea, poor nutrition, and a centralized distribution pattern of diseases that are transmitted through a variety of insects and animals.

f. Impact of climate change on the environment Sector
With the damaged environment, nature will be more fragile to climate change. If there is a fairly high rainfall will potentially give rise to natural disasters such as floods and landslides.

Solutions to climate change
Considering the huge impact of climate change to human life and the Earth, then we must hold a solution to address it. There are some solutions that we can do, including:

a. Do the repair of forestry. Like hold reforestation, instilling the principles of slash and slash select cropping on the next generation, as well as against the parties who come into contact directly with the forest.

b. Provide and develop energy alternatives that are environmentally friendly. Like replacing the fuel vehicles with bio materials such as the of grain or oil radish. We also stream these save fuel by turning off the engine when the vehicle stops for more than two minutes. In addition we can also replace the lights in the home, Office and other places with energy-efficient lights, and turn off the lights at night.

c. Meat production requires water, seeds, soil, and more in bulk including hormones and antibiotics, as well as pollute land, air, and water. To produce one pound of beef requires about 12,000 gallons of water, compared with 60 gallons of water for one pound of potatoes. If you are a meat eater, for starters, try not to eat meat once a week. Become a vegetarian or vegan is an option that is very meaningful for the environment.

d. Treatment of waste is to recycle the way he repeated. Burning garbage is meant by moving the junk into the air. 

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