[Service] AC Fan Motor Replacement Cost

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What Is The Cost Of Car AIR CONDITIONING Service?

As with any car engine, car AIR CONDITIONING should also get treatment at regular intervals. Don't have to wait when troubled recently brought to the workshop. Perform routine service is one way for car AIR CONDITIONING we can be more durable. In addition of course to reduce the cost of service AIR CONDITIONING if the service is carried out at regular intervals.

[Service] AC Fan Motor Replacement Cost

Before braving the existing AIR CONDITIONING service repair shop near the place of residence or the recommended communities or friends, it's good to understand the first parts of car AIR CONDITIONING. 

Car AIR CONDITIONING consists of several separate components but become one unity in producing cabin temperature cool in, among other things:
  • Compressor
  • Evaporator
  • Expansi valve
  • The condenser
  • Receiver Dryer

These five components that support the performance of the AIR CONDITIONER of the car. One of the components is experiencing problems or is damaged then the car AIR CONDITIONING not working will be a maximum. There are even times when to know damage one component should perform the examination as a whole. Item per item.

Then, how long will the ideal AIR CONDITIONING car we should've been doing service?

Basically, car AIR CONDITIONING service there are two types of workmanship. The first is the basic service. This type of service is done when the car already drove 10,000 to 20,000 km or about one year.

For those of you who live in urban areas that always use AIR CONDITIONING in any condition, preferably after reaching 10,000 km soon do service car AIR CONDITIONING. Unlike moderate for those of you who live in regions with a level of congestion/low pollution.

For those living in rural areas may just recently did a service routine after the car drove 20,000 km. This distinction is based on a car'S AIR CONDITIONING work harder when they are definitely familiar with urban congestion and pollution.

What about the cost?

Well, for those of you who have a Japan-made cars may be a bit of a smile. Because, on average, with the cost of repairing AIR CONDITIONING will be a service that is cheaper than Japan-made cars to Europe. Car AIR CONDITIONING service when Japan was in the range starting from $25 car for Europe, at least in need of funds 1.2 million dollars to 2 million dollars.

This service includes the treatment of evaporator, condenser and blower cleaning with a time of about 2 hours of work. All components are passed down and cleaned with more detail – flushing treatment by using a computerized machine (lax) without uninstall the components only with time about 1 hour (read: advantages and benefits of Flushing AIR CONDITIONING Car Engines) – the price of the service fill freon $30.

European car did have a cooling system that is more complex than a car Japan. The techniques and tools that are needed any more. GA wonder, not all car AIR CONDITIONING repair shop can handle European cars. The complexity of processes of care that is what makes the cost of car AIR CONDITIONING service Europe become more expensive.

Price or cost of service AIR CONDITIONING this car critically is very relative. Because each workshop in the area of different sizes or their respective benchmark in determining the price of their services. Of course it is also based on the ability and tools belonging to each workshop.

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