What Are The Factors That Affect Climate

The climate is a symptom that occurs in a specific area and caused by the dynamics of the atmosphere for a long time. The climate is also a condition of the weather from a wide area. In general the climate on Earth is strongly affected by where the position of the Sun towards the Earth.  

What are The Factors That Affect Climate

In determining the type of climate in a region also needed dozens of years. For the climatic conditions on the Earth will surely change. Climate change is also the existence of factors that affect. There are several elements or factors that affect climate change in an area.

10 factors that affect climate:

1. Air temperature
Temperature or temperature also referred to a natural condition felt by the Earth is like a cold or cool, and heat. There is a special tool to measure the temperature of the Thermometer or temperature that is in the measurement scale in Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Reanmur.

2. Air pressure
In addition to the presence of the temperature or temperature, the climate change factor of the second is air pressure. This air pressure is a force not seen but felt arising due to a layer of air.

3. The wind
Wind is moving air pressure from area to area. Factors including wind and elements of climate change in a region.

4. Air Humidity and clouds
The mass of air is just all kinds of gas consisting of different content. A lot of steam in this air mass, known as the humidity. The existence of a measuring instrument for humidity i.e. Higrometer.

5. Rainfall
The presence of the rain that is due to the womb from the cloud that the longer would be high, so that if the cloud is not able to accommodate those points will eat the dropped points to the Earth's surface is called rain.

6. The mountains of Highlands
The plateau is also one of the 10 factors that affect climate. The climate in the mountains colder because at the time the position of the same latitude.

7. Ocean currents
Ocean currents is one of the factors that affect climate change in the coastal region of course. Generally the coastal area has a wet climate than inland, due to the wind that blows into the sea is often humid than to the Mainland.

8. In the territorial waters of
An area on a waters also affect climate, causing coastal areas cooler in summer and warmer if warm in winter.

9. Urban areas
The existence of the highway, the buildings or the towering buildings that cause pollution and urban air temperature becomes hot. So the heat is stuck on air pollution which is a factor of climate change.

10. The latitude
This line which is a distance measure line North and South on the Equator line, thereby affecting the climate conditions in an area.

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