Apply For Bank Account Only 90 Seconds

Apply For Bank Account - The penetration of a very rapid technological developments force the business to continue to innovate. The banking industry so one example of revolutionary services using technology.

Apply For Bank Account Only 90 Seconds

DBS Bank, launched a mobile-based banking service named Digibank by DBS. Digibank become digital bank that is present in the first smartphone applications in Indonesia.

DBS Bank President Director Paul Savaliya says, this launch DBS Bank's success launched the sucking the same products in India in April 2016. DBS already capable of embracing 1.5 million new customers through Digibank.

 "Smartphone users who are already very much also the reason we launched Digibank. As we already can't live without smartphones. I think this smartphone into banking destination points,  "he said.
Head of Digital Banking DBS Indonesia Leonardo Koesmanto explains, there are many advantages of Digibank. The first application of the bank's presence in smartphones that have a biometric or fingerprint technology.

 "So this paperless banking and digital signature-less. So we no longer need to open form ber sheets-sheet when want to open an account, "he said. 

To open an account in this first download digibank, its application to smartphone, and then select the create account button. Then prospective customer information content, and then create a username and password to login digibank.

After that potential borrowers need to answer some basic questions as well as making regular account. And then set a schedule to meet with the agent for fingerprint verification processes with e-ID CARD.

 "So that it takes only an e-ID CARD. Because there is no data is fingerprinted. It for verification. Well our agent will come to you, "added Leo.

To set up a schedule of meetings with agents, potential borrowers can choose whether to meet that time, set up a schedule or directly come to the booth or the nearest office of the DBS. Meeting with agents of the DBS just for verification of fingerprints, so that the process of setting up an account only Digibank 90 seconds.

In addition, it also has the advantages of virtual Digibank asistant technology artificial intelligence (AI). The program, like customer service at the bank. The client can also ask questions without having to use a stiff language.

 "So could ask for example, how the hell is my account, or how the heck I account. Indeed there will miss the beginning of the answer, but AI continues to learn. In India its accuracy is already 90%, is now in Indonesia around almost 50%,  "added Leo.

While the security, Digibank using soft token. So when do the banking activities do not need to wait for the BC entry and provide a higher level of security.

Digibank also gives interest savings of 3% for the placement of balance first. Then pass the application it could also put investment deposits with interest of up to 6.25%.

"We're also there is a debit card, and debit it can be used at an ATM anywhere, free of charge. Want to transfer elsewhere is also cost-free,  " he said.

DBS target can crawl 3.5 million new clients from Digibank within 5 years. The company is targeting the acquisition of third-party Funds (DPK) of Digibank for not getting the base fee income from the program.

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