Melting Glaciers : Definition, Process, Impact, and Solution

Understanding Glacier
Geysers or glaciers is a form of matter that existed in the Earth's surface. These geysers or glaciers is often we hear as one form of chunks of ice. As for the notion of a glacier is a mass of ice that has formed in large size bag of land through the process of snowflake or snow deposits in a long time. In addition to the sense already mentioned, there is also a mention of the glacier as a river of ice that is formed in a valley of mountains and flows down the Valley of the mountains slowly-land resulting from the accumulation of ice, snow, and also rocks due to changes in temperature.  That's the notion of a glacier.

Melting Glaciers  Definition, Process, Impact, and Solution

Once we know the sense of the glacier, we find out together that this glacier is something the original origins are from the snow. The above has also been mentioned that the glacier is formed in a short time. This means that the glacier is formed due to a process or stages to produce snow glacier. As for the process of the formation of glaciers will also be discussed in the article this time.

The Process of Occurrence of Glacier
The glacier is formed and begins when fresh snow fell, after the air settles trapped among the debris, snow moved out so pieces of heavy snow and called firn.

When the snow is getting a lot down on the top of the mountains, the firn will increasingly become solid ice glaciers. Rocks or till the fall from the top of the mountain will join carried away by glaciers. And in an area of steep, ice-breaks into fissures split-wedge shaped fissures (crevasse).

This glacier, the ends will melt and it will helps the flow of the river that flows down the mountains. Because glaciers contain a large variety of substances, such as rock (read: types of rocks), snow and also the sediments (read: sedimentary rock), so the substance when glaciers slide down then will change the contours of the mountains.

That's the stages or process the formation of glaciers, from the beginning up to the glaciers to melt and form when the flow of the river. Then when this glacier can change the contour of the River (read: benefits of river) being different from the previous one.

The impact of Melting Glaciers
-A result of the melting of polar ice caps, among others.
-The rise in sea levels of up to 40 m
-The disappearance of small islands
-The sinking of the surrounding Beach cities such as Jakarta
-Loss of beaches closed because of water in the world
-The animals are first developed in the Arctic endangered.

The solution is done to Prevent the wider Impact
Some ways to prevent its impact more broadly include:
-No excessive use of cooling machines like air conditioning, freezer, etc.
-Reduce your home or building walls are glass, because the glass can reflect heat so that a temperature increase.
-Increase public awareness about global warming and its impacts to humans and the environment.

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